NATIONAL wholesale

The total length of the national optical backbone network operated by MVM NET will soon exceed 15,000 kilometres (typically with 24-288 fibre / cable capacity) as a result of our continuous network developments. A significant part of the network goes on transmission line routes equipped with OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) technology, essential that optical fibres have already been placed in the top of its lightning protection lines during production. In addition to the largest telecommunications service providers, our partners are include local cable TV service providers, with whom we implement several levels of cooperation


Infrastructure and wired communication

MVM NET Ltd. makes a certain part of its infrastructure assets available to its partners. In this way, infrastructure and fixed line wholesale services can be used on a market basis for telecommunications purposes.

Infrastructure solutions:

  • Dark fibre
  • Telecommunication substructure, cable infrastructure rent
  • Antenna infrastructure rent
  • Equipment rent

Wired communication:

  • L2 wired data transmission
  • Direct Internet access
  • IP VPN
  • BIX direct access
  • DE-CIX direct access
Wholesale value added services

MVM NET Ltd. develops its value-added services with a team of experts with extensive experience based on individual customer needs.

Multimedia signal transit

As part of the service, the cable television provider can get a solution in which the provider can reach the SD and HD television programs of its choice at headend or other transmission point.

DDoS protection service

Nowadays, DDoS attack is a growing dangerous threat to your online presence. The purpose of the DDoS protection service is to block, filter and reduce the attacks in such a way that the network, service or application remains operational.