Goverment infrastructure

MVM NET Ltd. provides data network transmission capacity for government purposes. Our nationwide broadband Access infrastructure supports the continuous operation of critical solutions for government communications by providing high availability and quality parameters. Broadband access for public customers is available in most cases, while the LTE450 mobile data solution is implemented entirely on our own network.

15000+ KM

As a result of our continuous efforts to develop the network, by 2022 we will have a backbone network in the length of more than 15, 000 km.


Our WDM transport network is made up of 112 nodes. Each of the trunk lines interconnecting hubs are capable of transmitting 88 wavelengths.

200 GBPS

The capacity accessible within the Framework of our service may range up to “n*200 Gbps”.


24-288 FIBRES

Our backbone connections contain 24-288 optical fibers. We provide most of them by using special high-voltage transmission lines called OPGW cables.


Our highly qualified and experienced professional personnel work in 24 hours a day, every day a week, to take care of the uninterrupted operation of our telecommunication network.

99+ %

The national telecommunication backbone network (NTG) operated by us has an extremely high (99,99%) real operational availability.

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