LTE 450 mobile data transmission solutions

Compared to conventional radio Network, the applied technology assures increased coverage with its better signal propagation.

Our service provides IP-based data communication over LTE450 infrastructure. The data traffic of the mobile communication network may be transferred to the Customer through leased lines or through an appropriately encrypted and protected Internet connection.

Due to the diversity of application areas, we work closely with System integrators for mobile solutions in order to meet the needs of our Partners to fullest extent possible.

 Areas of application

  •  Fleet tracking
  • Telemetry
  • Smart metering
  • Smart city
  • Security (remote alarm, security camera Systems)
  • Remote management
  • Backup interface for high reliability network
  • Replacing ADSL and similar deregulated technology
  • Communication applications
  • Remote Access to enterprise management and support Systems (SAP or other database Systems)
  • Special internet Access

Network features

  • Priority user groups
  • High level of encryption
  • Geographic coverage
  • Residential use does not deprive capacity
  • High availability
  • SLA uniquely undertaken in the market

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