The main aspect of our operation is to understand the needs of customers and changes in the telecommunications market and to serve them with our solutions at a high level and quality. In addition, system-related telecommunications activities closely related to the electricity industry, as well as the provision of a government telecommunications network, continue to be a key part of our services.

Our company has an exceptionally high-reliability passive optical backbone network. The high availability of the optical network is ensured by the optical fibers in the protective conductors of the transmission line (OPGW), which are aligned with the route of the national electricity transmission system.

MVM NET Ltd. is at the forefront of the country in the wide use of WDM technologies. We were among the first to implement Lambda Switching support in our WDM network, the introduction of 40G and 100G Ethernet services.

The IP / MPLS networks of MVM NET Ltd. are typically based on the “Seamless MPLS” technology, extending the benefits provided by MPLS to the last endpoint equipment. Native IPv6 support was already a consideration in the design of the NTG network, preparing for the challenges of the future.